Welcome to the Fluffybutts Belltown family!  

Sign up, book services, and pay online.


1. Create a profile at the Pet Portal



2. Schedule a complimentary in-home Meet & Greet

3. Pay via Paypal, Venmo, Visa/MC or Check (invoices are sent out the last week of the month)

After each walk we will send you an individual activity report (pet's mood/demeanor, bathroom habits, treats or special information) and several pictures or video.  


If there is anything we can do to make you and your fluffy family member more comfortable or stress free, just let us know!

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A company is only as good as its culture. We welcome all races, ethnicities, religions, countries of origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, abilities and disabilities, languages, ages...EVERYONE at Fluffybutts Belltown with open arms and open hearts. We believe in compassion for all living beings whether fluffy butted or not; all are welcome as part of our pack.